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This module generates links about a given user. It is used to generate templates such as {{tl|user}}, {{tl|user5}}, and {{tl|admin}}, usually through its wrapper template {{tl|user-multi}}.
== Functions ==
=== Main ===
The <code>main</code> function implements the {{tl|user-multi}} template. It generates a list of links about a given user. Please see the template page for documentation.
=== Single ===
The <code>single</code> function generates a single link about a given user. See {{tl|user-multi/link}} for documentation.
=== Link table ===
The <code>linktable</code> function generates a wikitext table containing the possible link codes that can be used with the <code>main</code> and <code>single</code> functions, along with example output for each code. It is used on the documentation pages at [[Template:User-multi/doc]] and [[Template:User-multi/link/doc]].
It is displayed with the following code:
== Porting to other wikis ==
If you want to use this module on another wiki, there are a few modules that you must also copy across, and some that can be used but are not essential.
Required modules:
* [[Module:UserLinks]]
* [[Module:UserLinks/shared]]
* [[Module:UserLinks/config]]
* [[Module:Arguments]]
* [[Module:Yesno]]
* [[Module:Toolbar]]
* [[Module:InterwikiTable]]
* [[Module:TableTools]] (optional in [[Module:UserLinks]], but required by [[Module:Toolbar]])
Optional modules:
* [[Module:UserLinks/extra]] - used for testing new link functions before they are moved to the main module.
* [[Module:Category handler]] - if an error occurs, and this module is present, pages are not categorised if they match the module's blacklist.
After you have copied over the necessary modules, you should adjust the configuration settings in [[Module:UserLinks/config]] for your language and for your wiki's setup.

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