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This Lua-based module is meant to build group and league tables for sports as well. Note that this module is used extensively, so test potential changes rigorously in the sandbox and please ensure consensus exists before implementing major changes. The rest of this documentation explains how the set-up of the module. Refer to individual style pages for detailed usage instructution
The basic command is <code><nowiki>{{#invoke:Sports table|main|style=XXX}}</nowiki></code> where XXX refers to the particular style chosen. Refer to these specific styles pages for details about how to use this module. Available styles are:
; General styles
* [[Module:Sports table/WDL|WDL]] (For tables with a win-draw-loss system)
* [[Module:Sports table/WL|WL]] (For tables with a win-loss system)
* [[Module:Sports table/WL OT|WL OT]] (For tables with a win-loss system that gives different weights to overtime wins)
* [[Module:Sports table/WL OTL tiebreak|WL OTL tiebreak]] (For tables with a win-loss-OT loss system and a separate tiebreak column)
; Sport or league specific styles
* Football (soccer) was the first creation. This style is renamed to [[Module:Sports table/WDL|WDL]]
==More styles?==
The module uses [[WP:Lua|Lua]] to create the tables. Most functionality is obtained from the main module, but specific column formatting comes from the style sub-modules. The existing styles can handle a lot of different options. In case you need additional options it could be useful to create a new style. Note that some tweaking of an existing style could give you the functionality you need, rather than creating a completely new style. In case you do create a new style, you might want to refer to the [[mw:Extension:Scribunto/Lua reference manual|Lua reference manual]].

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