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== Usage ==
This module returns a link to [[Sports Reference|]]. The URL is taken from Wikidata, ''unless'' there is no link on Wikidata. If that's the case, the module uses the link from the ''optional backup parameter''; if there is no link on Wikidata and no backup parameter, it will return an error message explaining how to fix the issue.
The module only has one function, <code>link</code>, which returns the external link text ready for use. It should be used in the {{tl|Sports-reference}} template thusly:
 &#123;{#invoke:SportsReference|link|''optional backup parameter''}}
The reason the module prefers links from Wikidata rather than the links given in the backup parameter is that it is much simpler to correct the links in Wikidata, and that will benefit all projects and not just this wiki; also, Wikidata supports various constraints so that the items and values can [[d:Wikidata:Database reports/Constraint violations/P1447|easily be checked]] for errors.
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