-- This module implements {{requested move}} and {{move-multi}}.
-- Load necessary modules
local getArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs
local tableTools = require('Module:TableTools')
local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')
-- Set static values
local defaultNewPagename = '?' -- Name of new pages that haven't been specified
local p = {}
-- Helper functions
local function err(msg)
	-- Generates a wikitext error message
	return string.format('{{error|%s}}', msg)
local function validateTitle(page, paramName, paramNum) 
	-- Validates a page name, and if it is valid, returns true and the title
	-- object for that page. If it is not valid, returns false and the
	-- appropriate error message.
	-- Check for a small subset of characters that cannot be used in MediaWiki
	-- titles. For the full set of restrictions, see
	-- [[Wikipedia:Page name#Technical restrictions and limitations]]. This is
	-- also covered by the invalid title check, but with this check we can give
	-- a more specific error message.
	local invalidChar = page:match('[#<>%[%]|{}]')
	if invalidChar then
		local msg = 'Invalid character "'
			.. invalidChar
			.. '" found in the "'
			.. paramName
			.. paramNum
			.. '" parameter'
		return false, msg
	-- Get the title object. This also checks for invalid titles that aren't
	-- covered by the previous check.
	local titleObj =
	if not titleObj then
		local msg = 'Invalid title detected in parameter "'
			.. paramName
			.. paramNum 
			.. '"; check for [[Wikipedia:Page name#'
			.. 'Technical restrictions and limitations|invalid characters]]'
		return false, msg
	-- Check for interwiki links. Titles with interwikis make valid title
	-- objects, but cannot be created on the local wiki.
	local interwiki = titleObj.interwiki
	if interwiki and interwiki ~= '' then
		local msg = 'Invalid title detected in parameter "'
			.. paramName
			.. paramNum 
			.. '"; has [[Help:Interwiki linking|interwiki prefix]] "'
			.. titleObj.interwiki
			.. ':"'
		return false, msg
	return true, titleObj
-- Main function
function p.main(frame)
	-- Initialise variables and preprocess the arguments
	local args = getArgs(frame, {parentOnly = true})
	local title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle()
	-- To iterate over the current1, new1, current2, new2, ... arguments
	-- we get an array of tables sorted by number and compressed so that
	-- it can be traversed with ipairs.	The table format looks like this:
	-- {
	--  {current = x, new = y, num = 1},
	--  {current = z, new = q, num = 2},
	--  ...
	-- }
	-- The "num" field is used to correctly preserve the number of the parameter
	-- that was used, in case users skip any numbers in the invocation.
	-- The current1 parameter is a special case, as it does not need to be
	-- specified. To avoid clashes with later current parameters, we need to
	-- add it to the args table manually. Although it does not need to be
	-- specified, we don't want the module's behaviour to change if a user
	-- specifies it anyway.
	-- Also, we allow the first positional parameter to be an alias for the
	-- new1 parameter, so that the syntax for the old templates
	-- {{requested move}} and {{move-multi}} will both be supported.
	-- The "multi" variable tracks whether we are using the syntax previously
	-- produced by {{requested move}}, or the syntax previously produced by
	-- {{move-multi}}. For the former, multi is false, and for the latter it is
	-- true.
	args.current1 = title.subjectPageTitle.prefixedText
	-- Find the first new page title, if specified, and keep a record of the
	-- prefix used to make it; the prefix will be used later to make error
	-- messages.
	local firstNewParam
	if args.new1 then
		firstNewParamPrefix = 'new'
	elseif args[1] then
		args.new1 = args[1]
		firstNewParamPrefix = ''
		firstNewParamPrefix = ''
	-- Build the sorted argument table.
	local argsByNum = {}
	for k, v in pairs(args) do
		k = tostring(k)
		local prefix, num = k:match('^(%l*)([1-9][0-9]*)$')
		if prefix == 'current' or prefix == 'new' then
			num = tonumber(num)
			local subtable = argsByNum[num] or {}
			subtable[prefix] = v
			subtable.num = num
			argsByNum[num] = subtable
	argsByNum = tableTools.compressSparseArray(argsByNum)
	-- Calculate the number of arguments and whether we are dealing with a
	-- multiple nomination.
	local argsByNumCount = #argsByNum
	local multi
	if argsByNumCount >= 2 then
		multi = true
		multi = false
	-- Validate new params.
	-- This check ensures we don't have any absent new parameters, and that
	-- users haven't simply copied in the values from the documentation page.
	if multi then
		for i, t in ipairs(argsByNum) do
			local new =
			local num = t.num
			if not new or new == 'New title for page ' .. tostring(num) then
				argsByNum[i].new = defaultNewPagename
		local new = argsByNum[1].new
		if not new or new == 'NewName' then
			argsByNum[1].new = defaultNewPagename
	-- Error checks
	-- Subst check
	if not mw.isSubsting() then
		local lb = mw.text.nowiki('{{')
		local rb = mw.text.nowiki('}}')
		local msg = '<strong class="error">'
			.. 'This template must be [[Wikipedia:Template substitution|substituted]];'
			.. ' replace %srequested move%s with %ssubst:requested move%s'
			.. '</strong>'
		msg = string.format(msg, lb, rb, lb, rb)
		return msg
	-- Check we are on a talk page
	if not title.isTalkPage then
		local msg = '[[Template:Requested move]] must be used in a TALKSPACE, e.g., [[%s:%s]]'
		msg = string.format(msg,[title.namespace], title.text)
		return err(msg)
	-- Check the arguments
	local currentDupes, newDupes = {}, {}
	for i, t in ipairs(argsByNum) do
		local current = t.current
		local new =
		local num = t.num
		local validCurrent
		local currentTitle
		local subjectSpace
		-- Check for invalid or missing currentn parameters
		-- This check must come first, as will give an error if
		-- it is given invalid input.
		if not current then
			local msg = '"current%d" parameter missing;'
				.. ' please add it or remove the "new%d" parameter'
			msg = string.format(msg, num, num)
			return err(msg)
		-- Get the currentn title object, and check for invalid titles. This check
		-- must come before the namespace and existence checks, as they will
		-- produce script errors if the title object doesn't exist.
		validCurrent, currentTitle = validateTitle(current, 'current', num)
		if not validCurrent then
			-- If invalid, the second parameter is the error message.
			local msg = currentTitle 
			return err(msg)
		-- Category namespace check
		subjectSpace =[currentTitle.namespace]
		if subjectSpace == 14 then
			local msg = '[[Template:Requested move]] is not for categories,'
				.. ' see [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion]]'
			return err(msg)
		-- File namespace check
		elseif subjectSpace == 6 then
			local msg = '[[Template:Requested move]] is not for files;'
				.. ' see [[Wikipedia:Moving a page#Moving a file page]]'
				.. ' (use [[Template:Rename media]] instead)'
			return err(msg)
		-- User namespace check
		elseif subjectSpace == 2 then
			local msg = '[[Template:Requested move]] is not for moves from user space;'
				.. 'if the only obstacle to an uncontroversial move is another page in the way, '
				.. 'you can ask for the deletion of the other page. '
				.. 'This may apply, for example, if the other page is currently a redirect '
				.. 'to the article to be moved, a redirect with no incoming links, '
				.. 'or an unnecessary disambiguation page with a minor edit history. '
				.. 'To request the other page be deleted, add the following code to the top of the page that is in the way: '
				.. mw.text.nowiki('{{db-move|<!--page to be moved here-->|<!--reason for move-->}}')
				.. ' instead).'
				.. 'See [[Help:How to move a page]] for more advice on moving pages'
			return err(msg)
		-- Check for non-existent titles.
		if not currentTitle.exists then
			local msg = 'Must create [[:%s]] before requesting that it be moved'
			msg = string.format(msg, current)
			return err(msg)
		-- Check for duplicate current titles
		-- We know the id isn't zero because we have already checked for
		-- existence.
		local currentId =
		if currentDupes[currentId] then
			local msg = 'Duplicate title detected ("'
				.. currentTitle.prefixedText
				.. '"); cannot move the same page to two different places'
			return err(msg)
			currentDupes[currentId] = true
		-- Check for invalid new titles. This check must come before the
		-- duplicate title check for new titles, as it will produce a script
		-- error if the title object doesn't exist.
		local validNew, newTitle = validateTitle(
			multi and 'new' or firstNewParamPrefix,
		if not validNew then
			-- If invalid, the second parameter is the error message.
			local msg = newTitle
			return err(msg)
		-- Check for duplicate new titles.
		-- We can't use the page_id, as new pages might not exist, and therefore
		-- multiple pages may have an id of 0. Use the prefixedText as a
		-- reasonable fallback. We also need to check that we aren't using the
		-- default new page name, as we don't want it to be treated as a duplicate
		-- page if more than one new page name has been omitted.
		local newPrefixedText = newTitle.prefixedText
		if newPrefixedText ~= defaultNewPagename then
			if newDupes[newPrefixedText] then
				local msg = 'Duplicate title detected ("'
					.. newTitle.prefixedText
					.. '"); cannot move two different pages to the same place'
				return err(msg)
				newDupes[newPrefixedText] = true
	-- Generate the heading
	-- For custom values of |heading=, use those.
	-- For |heading=no, |heading=n, etc., don't include a heading.
	-- Otherwise use the current date as a heading.
	local heading = args.heading or args.header
	local useHeading = yesno(heading, heading)
	if heading and useHeading == heading then
		heading = '== ' .. heading .. ' ==\n\n'
	elseif useHeading == false then
		heading = ''
		local lang = mw.language.getContentLanguage()
		local headingDate = lang:formatDate('j F Y')
		heading = '== Requested move ' .. headingDate .. ' ==\n\n'
	-- Build the {{requested move/dated}} invocation
	local rmd = {}
	rmd[#rmd + 1] = '{{requested move/dated'
	if multi then
		rmd[#rmd + 1] = '|multiple=yes'
		rmd[#rmd + 1] = '\n|current1=' .. argsByNum[1].current
	-- The first new title. This is used both by single and by multi; for single
	-- it is the only parameter used. For single the parameter name is the first
	-- positional parameter, and for multi the parameter name is "new1".
	local new1param = multi and 'new1=' or ''
	rmd[#rmd + 1] = '|' .. new1param .. argsByNum[1].new
	-- Add the rest of the arguments for multi.
	if multi then
		for i = 2, argsByNumCount do
			local t = argsByNum[i]
			local numString = tostring(i)
			local current = t.current
			local new =
			rmd[#rmd + 1] = '|current' .. numString .. '=' .. current
			rmd[#rmd + 1] = '|new' .. numString .. '=' .. new
		-- The old multi template always has a bar before the closing curly
		-- braces, so we will do that too.
		rmd[#rmd + 1] = '|'
	rmd[#rmd + 1] = '}}'
	rmd = table.concat(rmd)
	-- Generate the list of links to the pages to be moved
	local linkList = {}
	for i, t in ipairs(argsByNum) do
		local current = t.current
		local new =
		local item = string.format(
			'\n%s[[:%s]] → {{no redirect|%s}}',
			multi and '* ' or '', -- Don't make a list for single page moves.
		linkList[#linkList + 1] = item
	linkList = table.concat(linkList)
	-- Reason and talk blurb
	-- Reason
	local reason = args.reason or args[2] or 'Please place your rationale for the proposed move here.'
	reason = '– ' .. reason
	if yesno(args.sign) ~= false then
		reason = reason .. ' ~~~~'
	-- Talk blurb
	local talk
	if yesno(, true) then
		talk = frame:expandTemplate{title = 'Requested move/talk'}
		talk = ''
	-- Assemble the output
	-- The old templates start with a line break, so we will do that too.
	local ret = string.format(
		multi and '\n' or ' ',
	return ret
return p

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