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This module has two functions, <code>portal</code> and <code>image</code>. The <code>portal</code> produces a box with links to a [[Portal:Contents/Portals|portal]] or to multiple portals, and is used by the {{tl|portal}} template. It is most often used in the "See also" section of an article. The <code>image</code> function produces the name of the image used by the specified portal.
== Portal function ==
The portal function produces a box of portal links.
== Image function ==
The image function produces the name of the image used by the specified portal.
=== Usage ===
=== Example ===
* <code><nowiki>{{#invoke:Portal|image|Art}}</nowiki></code> &rarr; {{#invoke:Portal|image|Art}}
== Image dupes function ==
The image dupes function returns a list of all images that are being used by more than one portal (aliases are not included). This can be helpful in identifying image entries that should be changed to use aliases.
=== Usage ===
== Display all function ==
The display all function returns a box containing all portals that have images. This is used for maintenance, and should not be displayed in articles, because a) there are around 1500 portals with images, and displaying 1500 images on one page takes up a lot of server resources, and b) the module has no way to know the correct capitalisation of a portal name, so some links to portals will be broken. This function can be seen at [[Template:Portal/doc/all]].
=== Usage ===

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