function link(name, preload)
 return ('[%s <span style="color:#ba0000">%s</span>]'):format({action = 'edit', preload = preload}, name)
return {
article = function() return link('Asbox article test', 'Template:Asbox') end,
template = function() return link('Template:Asbox test', 'Template:Asbox') end,
subpage = function() return link('Template:Asbox/subpage test', 'Template:Asbox') end,
user = function() return link('User:Østfold test', 'Template:Østfold-geo-stub') end,
sync = function() return link('Module:Asbox/sandbox', 'Module:Asbox') end,
special = function(frame) return ('[%s %s]'):format('Special:TemplateSandbox'):fullUrl{prefix = 'Module:Asbox/sandbox', page = (frame.args[1] or 'User:Codehydro/Asbox userspace testcase'):match'^%s*(.-)%s*$'}, frame.args[2] or 'click here') end

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