local p = {}
local diffString = '[[Special:Diff/%s|%s]]'
function p.row(frame)
    local status = frame.args.s
    local title = frame.args.t
    local short = p.shorttitle(title, 40)
    local size = frame.args.z
    local modified_by =
    local modified_at =
    local old_id = frame.args.mi
    local special_user =
    local special_time =
    local special_id = tonumber(
    local display_notes = tonumber(frame.args.n)
    local rowtemplate = "<tr style=\"background-color:%s\">%s</tr>"
    local colorthing =  p.color(status, false)
    local cols = {
    	string.format('<td>[[:%s|%s]]</td>', title, short),
    	string.format('<td data-sort-type="number" data-sort-value="%d">%.1f kB</td>', size, size / 1000)
    local is_userspace = string.sub(frame.args.t, 1, 4) == "User"
    if is_userspace or display_notes then
    	cols[3] = string.format("<td>%s</td>", p.notes(frame))
    	cols[3] = "<td></td>"
    if special_id then
        cols[4] = p.printuser(special_user)
        cols[5] = string.format('<td data-sort-value="%s">%s</td>', special_id, string.format(diffString, special_id, special_time))
        cols[4] = "<td>Unknown</td>"
        cols[5] = "<td>Unknown</td>"
    cols[6] = p.printuser(modified_by)
    cols[7] = string.format('<td data-sort-value="%s">%s</td>', old_id, string.format(diffString, old_id, modified_at))
    return string.format(rowtemplate, colorthing, table.concat(cols))
function p.notes(frame)
    local result = ""
    local is_suspected_copyvio = tonumber(
    local is_unsourced = tonumber(
    local no_inline = tonumber(
    local is_short = tonumber(frame.args.ns)
    local is_resubmit = tonumber(
    local is_old = tonumber(
    local submitter_is_blocked = tonumber(frame.args.nb)
    local is_userspace = string.sub(frame.args.t, 1, 4) == "User"
    if is_suspected_copyvio then result = result .. "<abbr title=\"Submission is a suspected copyright violation\">copyvio</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    if is_unsourced then result = result .. "<abbr title=\"Submission lacks references completely\">unsourced</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    if no_inline then result = result .. "<abbr title=\"Submission has no inline citations\">no-inline</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    if is_short then result  = result .."<abbr title=\"Submission is less than a kilobyte in length\">short</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    if is_resubmit then result  = result .. "<abbr title=\"Submission was resubmitted after a previous decline\">resubmit</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    if is_old then result  = result .. "<abbr title=\"Submission has not been touched in over four days\">old</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    if submitter_is_blocked then result  = result .. "<abbr title=\"Submitter is currently blocked\">blocked</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    if is_userspace then result  = result .. "<abbr title=\"Submission is located in the User or User Talk space\">userspace</abbr>&#32;&#32;" end
    return result
function p.color(status, dark)
    local result
    local dark_colors = {
        p = "#995",
        d = "#977",
        r = "#789",
        a = "#696"
    local normal_colors = {
        p = "#eea",
        d = "#fcd",
        r = "#ade",
        a = "#afa"
    if dark then
        return dark_colors[status] or "#777"
        return normal_colors[status] or "#ddc"
function p.printuser(user)
  return string.format("<td>[[User:%s|%s]] ([[User talk:%s|t]])</td>", user, user, user)
function p.shorttitle(fulltitle, maxlength)
    --strip off namespace:basepage/ if it exists and anything is left
    --if not, strip off namespace
    --truncate to maxlength
    local startindex, size, namespace, basetitle, subtitle = mw.ustring.find(fulltitle, "([^:]*):([^\/]*)\/?(.*)")
    if subtitle == '' then subtitle = nil end
    local effective_title = subtitle or basetitle
    if effective_title == nil or effective_title == '' then effective_title = fulltitle end
    effective_title = string.gsub(effective_title, "^Submissions/", "")
    -- return mw.text.truncate( effective_title, maxlength ) (mw.text is not yet deployed!)
    if (mw.ustring.len(effective_title) > maxlength) then
        return mw.ustring.sub(effective_title, 1, maxlength - 3) .. "..."
        return effective_title
return p

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